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The 3rd day along the Inca Trail had to be the most spectacular, and the longest. Traveling up, down, and all around you go from about 13,000 feet and finish around 9,000 taking about 12 hours, but as you probably know me, I had to stop and rest often with the excuse of taking pictures and all, so we came in to the final campsite at Wiñayhuayna around 7pm.

Meaning “Forever Young”, this amazing city was a perfect example of how the Inca’s adapted to the land, and worked with what Mother Nature gave them. They built amazing terraces on the steep slopes so they might plant and grow food. Potatoes, Corn & Coca were the mainstays, and here they sculpted the mountainside to better fit their needs.

We found 3 different types of terraces that they built, here was for agriculture, along with this were the terraces for irrigation and erosion control, and then the religious variety.

Here as the light begins to fade into night we reach this amazing city, Weary and ready for a good hot meal we still had to descend the ancient stairs to the campsite below.

Now that I look at it here, there are a few things I’d still like to modify with this, but it’s close…
“The Darkness of your Shadow” Wiñay Wayna, Peru

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