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No it’s not Politics

April 6, 2013 by admin

Jeez, I hope it’s not.

Support the arts

Support the arts

That’s something I really try to stay away from, okay 1 of the things I really try to stay away from. It’s really so much easier to focus on values and composition when you are not worrying about “taxation without representation”. Or something along those lines, so I keep any sort of issues other than art out of my world… almost.

This past week I was asked by an artist friend to help support the arts by coming to a paint out on Tuesday April 2nd. Have you ever just kind of scanned over a paragraph, and catch “key” words and only record them? This is what I did here, I saw “support the arts”, “paint”, and then the date, and said “heck yeah!” A chance to paint, and I’m always using the term “support the arts” when getting people to come to a painting event.

What I signed up for was a little more than a painting event, it was to help support a “bond” issue, and the location was outside a polling booth.

The last time I did something like this, it was when the Mondale/Ferraro presidential race was going full swing, and they had the Democratic Party National Convention here in town. Yes, it’s been that long.

Art means Business

Art means Business

I did kind of go against my “rules” that I set up for myself, but hearing more on the issue that I was backing by being there painting, I

felt I could still walk away with my pride, and self set values still in tact. The issue was ┬áto vote for a “no tax increase” bond, that would help pay for a cultural arts facility. That’s okay isn’t it? I should still be able to sleep well at night shouldn’t I?

Supporting the Arts

Supporting the Arts

Well, it went well, I painted there for a couple hours, outside the 25 yard “no picketing” zone. Didn’t harass any of the voters, I just stood there in the parking lot brush in hand painting for the arts. Really helping to support the arts this time, not just saying it. And come next morning, after a great night of sleep, I woke up and saw in the newspaper that the bond issue in that distant city had passed, the art facility will be built. Whoo-hoo! Little high five there… but only for the arts.

Now get back out and paint!

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