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Sunshine Day Dream: Day 3

June 18, 2014 by admin
Tupper Lake

Tupper Lake

How many times have you taken a trip arriving after dark, and the next day when the sun comes up the world that lays before you is nothing like what was there when the lights were out?

The Publisher’s Invitational is tucked away at the lovely Paul Smith College in the Adirondacks of New York, with it’s campus taking up much of the Lower St Regis Lake. A beautiful setting that I neglected to actually photograph today. I will make sure I take some shots around the area, even better, I will paint a few pictures and maybe you can get a better sense of its charm.

Cruising the windy roads took much of the day, along with check-in and orientation… and then trying to say hello to the 199 artists gathered here from all corners of America. What a great idea, 100 artists of all levels just here to paint. No workshops, no competitions, no pressure. Just relax and take in the land as only the plein air artist can.

I painted in two locations today, one was along a railroad bridge over a waterway connecting Lake Clear with something on the other

Lake Clear

Lake Clear

side… I had no idea and unlike the fisherman who put in right beside me. I think he knew this area like the back of his hand. He spent almost an hour there getting his kayak and all it’s gear ready for a the day on the lakes.

After checking I headed just around the corner to “The Vic” short for Paul Smiths “Visitor Interpretive Road Trip Day 3 028Center” which is a large area of woods, and wetlands with boardwalks and trails through the countryside. After spending much of the day in the bright sunshine, I took advantage of the shade of the Adirondack forest and painted from within. On Wednesday I believe all the artists are expected to come and paint on the grounds.

I had been told/warned ahead of time, but without actually experiencing it one cannot actually believe it… and taht is the flying insects. Incredible!



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