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18x24 oil on canvas

Shane’s View
18×24 oil

Painted on my way home from the Big Cedar paintout, October of 2012. This is a scene that I passed twice a day as I drove from the West side of Table Rock Lake where I was staying at Greg and Katie’s cabin, and the East side where we painted at Big Cedar Lodge. After all was over, I had packed up to go, I drove back East to paint this, got out of my car and found an out of the way place to paint.

As I was painting, a little boy came down to watch me paint. He brought his dog with him, which happened to be a deaf dog and only followed hand signals. The boys name was Shane and he had recently moved there from Texas to help his grandmother because “she wasn’t doing very well”. It was a touching story the boy told, but he had a wonderful outlook on life. He also ran up to his house and brought back his sketch pad to show me some drawings he had been doing of his house.

This scene is Shane’s view, and me… I wish I could have Shane’s view and outlook on life. I think he will go far.

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