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Destination Workshops at your location. 1,2, & 3 day workshops covering everything from the fundamentals to taking your studies to studio.

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Interested in scheduling or taking one of my workshops? Below are a few words from fellow artists in regards to various workshops I have taught.



“This workshop really made me THINK. I quite enjoyed using the limited palette because it made me really LOOK at the colors I was seeing, rather than falling back on the traditional tube colors. I liked Greg’s patience and ways of making me step back and evaluate my own work. I enjoyed stretching my boundaries by painting/seeing things I might not have noticed before as being good painting subjects. I can’t wait until he is back in our neck of the woods again!”  Susan LeBeau, Tennessee


“As a public art school teacher of years past, I can say you are a great teacher. You allow each person to grow from where they are. Your patient critiques, help students to see areas of needed work but also successes! This is crucial for anyone who wants to improve! The workshop helped bridge my thinking from watercolor to water soluble oils. Since then, my paintings have grown in confidence. Thanks again!”  Linda Kinder, Missouri


“Greg, thanks so much, for being resilient and creative with our difficult weather, for being willing and quite able to critique each and every painting done during the experience. And especially thanks for the way you can hear our questions and respond with understandable and thorough explanations!” Maren Phillips, Texas


“Greg does a great job working with each student at whatever level they are. He gives honest critic without being hurtful. The workshop is informative while being a fun experience. I would recommend it.” Lyn Phariss, Missouri


“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with R Gregory Summers and his workshop. He was successful in providing a great experience for beginning and advanced Plein air artists. Study materials, demos, and painting examples of his work were very helpful. The painting locations were varied and perfectly chosen to provide endless possibilities for paintings. Last, but not least, Greg delivers all information with a large dash of humor. He puts his students at ease quickly as he dives into his workshop!”  Mary Drastal, Missouri


“Artists if you are thinking about taking Greg workshop you should jump at the chance. I have painted for years and have taken workshop from many artists. Greg’s workshops are for all levels His casual approach to teaching is very relaxing and he makes all feel comfortable. Greg’s approach to simplicity of values colors and design brings people down to earth about painting. No razzle dazzle just honest straight forward help, Greg is on the move from the time the class start’s till the end, he truly does everything in his power to help each and every student from beginner to advance. You leave Greg’s workshops very motivated excited about painting. I give Greg workshop’s five star’s Don’t pass up an opportunity to study with this great artist teacher and motivator” Bert Hiner, Idaho 


“He is a very effective instructor. Demonstrating his approach to a painting helped me as much as the one-on-one suggestions for my own. I felt he was able to easily see where I struggled and helped give me direction to make my paintings better, both immediately and for the future. I observed Greg’s approach to painting to be holistic, on the one hand applying general rules for transferring a 3-dimensional experience to a 2-dimensional surface and making it read well, and on the other thinking about things like the artist’s experience while creating the painting and how that might transfer. It was a profound weekend and I have much to process. I could see, also, getting as much out of Greg’s workshop as I advance in my skills. Priceless golden nuggets of information, really.”  Shea Daniel-Youngblood, Texas


“Greg offered his expertise with such humor and a genuine interest in helping us achieve a worthwhile painting…one we might want to complete!
Against all weather obstacles, we managed to stay dry, not blow away, and learn to paint on a wet canvas! Welcome to the Texas coast!” Caro, Jackson Texas


“The workshop was packed with information, great content and one on one help. The amount of information we covered was awesome and very helpful. I would take the workshop again.”    Michelle Spencer


“Very personable and takes life on a bit of the lighter side. Good rapport with artists of all levels, and people, along with being a very talented artist. Quick witted, and all-around good teacher.”    David Cass, Nebraska


“The workshop was “Perspective in Landscape Painting”. I believe you accomplished the purpose of the workshop. I really needed the information you presented. I enjoyed the workshop and your sense of humor.”    Gordon Ord, Missouri


“Greg, your energy is contagious! I really enjoyed this workshop in spite of the wind, rain. You were very helpful in a kind way and encouraged us to paint in our own way while sharing ideas for better compositions, finding the focal point, and getting the values right. These are all things that I’ve heard before, but can always use reminders and as you say we need to keep practicing our skills. Thank you for a good experience and hope you come back.” Elsa Mathews, Texas


“God puts people in our path for a reason. I will do my best to use this experience wisely. Every journey begins with a single step forward. Till next time……keep spreading THE JOY OF PAINTING!!! Hope to see you back here, to do it all again.” “Thanks so much,” Terri Nolting, Missouri


“I went into this Plein Air workshop not knowing what to expect. I’m new to the Plein Air world. Greg made me feel comfortable and gave me the courage to keep trying. I struggled quite a bit, trying to find my footing. By the afternoon of the second day I finally began to feel successful. I left the workshop feeling good about stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Greg is a great teacher. He praises, pushes, motivates, and above all is kind and even kinda funny! I would love to paint with him again!”    Rhonda Baldwin


“My first workshop was under Mr. Summers in Taos, New Mexico. I had no lessons and very little knowledge in art and had no clue of all the parts that go in to making a great painting. He made me feel welcome, and never felt intimidated since I was so new, and knew so little. Everyday we had a great, new place to paint. Since that workshop I have engulfed myself with everything I learned and I am so grateful that I went to Mr. Summers workshop as my first. I’ll never forget it.”  Jesse Pollard, Kansas


“I’ve taken other one day workshops but never feel I have enough input. This workshop gave me just enough guidance to give me courage to keep trying with my new oil medium. I loved the group critique. Looking at all the different approaches from other participants and your evaluation of strengths and thewesknedses was very valuable. I would most definitely enjoy taking another workshop from you.”  Mary Mealing


“This plein aire workshop was all that it was supposed to be and more than I thought it would be. Of course, being plein aire there were the physical difficulties of lugging easels and dealing with the elements, but I loved the mental difficulties I was forced to deal with. Greg really pushed me mentally in considering and implementing composition, value and color in my landscape painting.”  Donna McGowan


“Greg’s plein air workshop on landscape painting, in BlueRidge,Georgia was great. It was my first plein air workshop and he gave us many tips for setting up Easel’s and work area.He made the experience fun and I learned how to work fast and still make the composition work. Made many friends and look forward to being a part of the plain air process again.I learned so much. Thanks Greg for a wonderful workshop.”  Debbie Greenlee, Georgia

“I got a lot out of this workshop. We covered site selection, perspective, composition, values, atmosphere, and much more. Greg is attentive and knowledgeable. Be prepared for 3 FULL days of painting.Dena Davis

“Greg is a most giving instructor and his workshop was a joy. His individual critiques were invaluable. Group critiques were helpful as well. Will sign up for another workshop with Greg as soon as it is available In my area again. He’s a real fun guy too !!!”  Lucette Banas, New York

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