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17×30″ oil
Our little group of hikers after watching the sun hit the old Inca city, headed on towards the main gate, stopping every so often to grab another snapshot of this spectacular place.

It wasn’t long before we realized the condition we were in as some of the people affectionately known as the “LBR’s”, (Lazy Bus Riders) came in to view. They were clean, and NOT carrying all their gear on their backs. Sure, some had nice little day packs, but the differences were glaring, and I’m sure our aroma was a bit different too. It had been some time since any of us had seen a bar of soap or a change of clothes.

So here we mingled with the masses as we entered Machu Picchu, very weary yet fascinated by what was done here so many centuries ago.

You know that feeling when you travel an amazing journey to a destination and find that it was that journey that was really the memorable experience and the goal as so often a bit of a “non-event”? This is what happens so often in life isn’t it.

Not saying that Machu Picchu isn’t a very special place and has earned its place as one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, but it did not test one’s “mettle” as the Inca Trail did.

I think I’ve about got this, a few subtle things here and there, but I’m liking it.

17×30″ oil — at Machu Picchu.

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