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As we hiked the “easier” 1st day along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu everytime we asked “are we there yet?” They said, no, we camp at Wayllabamba. But we kept asking, “Inca Flat” is not flat as we found.

Then when we came to the town of Wayllabamba, weary from a long days hike we just kept going, and going. It was a very vibrant village with everyone preparing for the National Holiday where we were told they would be celebrating till wee hours in the monring.

Our campsite was the last one on the right, which was up the mountain side, past Wayllabamba, which they did not mention earlier. This “easier” day of hiking was not what I’d call easy and we all collapsed into our site when we arrived. I crazy as I was set up my gear and quickly painted the campsite before the sun went completely away and the smell of cooking food took over me.
“Celebration of Wayllabamba”
18×24″ oil

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