Payne in Oklahoma

It had been brought to my attention that the exhibit of one of my favorite American plein air artists exhibit was about to leave the Midwest  and probably not return. The Edgar Payne “A Scenic Journey” had been on display at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma, and was set to leave on March 24th.

Sacred Rain Arrow

Sacred Rain Arrow

What happens when you put things off? When I put things off, they usually don’t get done, which is why I try to do things as soon as possible.

Fellow artist and MVIS member Kimbell McCurry suggested we put together a little field trip for any interested members and head down across the border to see the show. Booking as a group got us some perks, save on travel expenses and lodging, plus its more fun when you travel with friends… even artists as strange as that might sound.

The weather cold and rainy, which is perfect for a day in the gallery. If you don’t know Edgar Payne, or his work, he was a California landscape painter in the early part of the 20th century.  He wrote what I consider a must read for any outdoor artist, “Composition of Outdoor Painting”

Tulsa 011His work is simply put, beautiful! (my words) He is most known for his paintings of the Sierra’s and the Four Corners area, but traveled the world painting plein air. This exhibit include some of it all. If you can, get to see it before it leaves the Midwest. Or get out to California to some of the permanent collections.

Photographs were not allowed in the museum, so of course we observed that rule… now outdoors we do what most traveling plein air artists do, we painted on the grounds of the Gilcrease. They have quite the view of the valley from it’s location. You would definitely enjoy the trip no matter where you came from.