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16×20″ oil

2 Responses to “Where the Catfish Crawl”

  1. Bert Hiner says:

    Artist if you are thinking about taking Greg workshop you should jump at the chance.I have painted for years and have taken workshop from many artist.Greg’s workshops are for all levels His casual approach to teaching is very relaxing and he makes all feel comfortable. Greg approach to simplicity of values colors and design brings people down to earth about painting. No razzle dazzle just honest straight forward help, Greg is on the move from the time the class start’s till the end, he truly does every thing in his power to help each and every student from beginner to advance. You leave Greg’s workshops very motivated excited about painting. I give Greg workshop’s five star’s Don’t pass up a opportunity to study with this great artist teacher and motivator

    • admin says:

      Bert, that’s quite a write-up and I thank you very much. I love teaching and helping others, kind of that “paying back” in a way to those who helped me. Now get back out there and paint, no use having all that talent if you’re not going to use it 😉
      Best to you, and look forward to the next time we meet.

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