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2 Responses to “Finding Nemo”

  1. Hi Greg – just wanted to tell you my experience while looking at this beautiful painting. I feel cool and fresh but warm with the sun’s gentle rays on my back. There is a great roughness to the rocks that is balanced with the smoothness of the distant waters and sky. I am drawn to water scenes whether lakes, oceans, beaches and shorelines, and have felt this same feeling now and then near rocky outcroppings beside water. So thank you for the sharing this experience through your artwork!

    By the way, really appreciated your most recent blogpost! Well said…

    Happy painting!

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Nana, I am a big lover of painting water of all sorts. A bit strange for a land locked guy from Kansas but I love it’s ever changing qualities and life within. I am pleased that it caught your eye in some way and drew a positive reaction, it is wonderful when others feel or relate to something we have created.
      Thanks again. Greg

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