Is it Jealousy?

People deal with jealousy all the time, it’s a rare bird who isn’t affected in some manner by this affliction. A lot of times we cite what we do in life as a bit strange. I’ve used animals as an example at times, “animals don’t do it, why do we.” But here, even animals are taken to jealousy at times.



I had a wife who was so jealous, (wife #2) I could be walking along, then notice a dog or squirrel scampering by, and all of a sudden “GREG!!”, she would let me “have it!” Imagine the tirade she would go into if I happened to notice a pretty woman.

Is this a reactive jealousy, or a more of a suspicious jealousy?

I get affected by a reactive jealousy, but not so much to such an extreme. For instance, if I’m sitting at my desk working on something, and see out the window where someone is outside playing frisbee, or riding a bike, I get a bit jealous of those people. I don’t want to be stuck indoors when someone else is outside enjoying themselves. Do you call that jealousy?

Now with this modern media being so prevalent all the time, and in so many different fashions, there is a bazillion ways it can get you… or me at least.  When I see another artist posting a photo of themselves outdoors painting, I get this urge that I have to be there painting with them, and then someone else posts, I want to be there too! It’s not just artists, and painting, but friends or “acquaintances” posting cool places, I get this feeling that “I’m missing out on life, though here I am happy as a lark, and busy as a bee. (too many idioms?) Does it happen when you are content with where you are and what you are doing? Actually at those times I’m not seeing or noticing others, and their happenings, so maybe it’s just when you are doing something you would rather “not”?

Or is this really jealousy?

I see beautiful art in a museum, or someone posting a recent painting of theirs online, does this make me “jealous”, envious, no I don’t think so?  What it does do is it  inspires and motivates me to do something. If getting out and painting isn’t an option because there are things that need to be done 1st, I prioritize and work my way slowly but surely to the easel. Now if I saw those same paintings and had thoughts such “oh they just think they are so good”, or “I could do that if I had studied under the masters too.” These are negative thoughts that can turn something positive and inspiring into counterproductive and hateful.

For me keeping a positive attitude when we come to any situation really helps. For me there is no good reason for going with the glass half empty attitude versus glass half full. I know for myself that the “half empty” philosophy on life is not for me. It would lead me on the road to ruin lickidy-spit! That’s not the road I’m traveling.

Antioch Road

“Antioch Road” 16×20 original oil on canvas.