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Here we walk across the terraces high above the Urabamba River Valley at WinayWayna. It is a vast complex of terraces, temples and fountains built hundreds of years ago by the Inca’s.
Dead on our feet we fight to beat the darkness as it slowly covers the valley. It is with flashlights that we finally make our camp for the night where the others are waiting for us and the smell of a warm meal is in the air.
WinayWayna, meaning “Forever Young” has a commanding view of the river valley far below and had various housing complexes both high and low.
We were heading to the lower complex where we would camp for the night.
The Inca’s are long gone, but what they accomplished in the short time they ruled the Andes has withstood the test of time and man.
It is easy to fall in love with this world of theirs, yet it makes you wonder.

“Guardian of the Urubamba”
24×12″ oil

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