Escape from the Crazy

205677_1006191152657_3388_nWhen life gets all crazy all around you, what do you do to escape?

I spent much of my life trying to find things to remove many of the pressures that the world puts on you, I mean there are a lot of pressures that face us on a daily basis. Fortunately I have not had to deal with any cataclysmic events close to me, but that didn’t stop me from making my exit stage left into another realm. Whether it was drugs in the 60’s & 70’s, alcohol for then next few decades, I sought outside help to take me away. More often than not all it really managed to do was alter my geographical location, the world was still there.

I would like to think that as I have grown older, I have gotten wiser, which might be, but I’ve seen many an older folk who still have not learned from their past experiences. I think for me it’s more just the whole approach to life and all it’s eccentricities that have changed, and I don’t seek escape from that. Though I do love to be taken away by a good story, or lost in a piece of art. It’s not a removal from this world I am seeking anymore, as chaotic as it is at times, it is more for relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. I find I keep a good balance in these 3 aspects of my life, and I’m “Good to Go!” How I do it boggles me, I’m not into yoga, nor an exercise fanatic, I just stay active, and do the best I can all around, and try to help others do the same… oh, and paint.

I forgot about that!

I mean I love being rushed away to far off worlds in a good novel, or the exertion of a challenging tennis match on a hot day, but there is nothing anymore as exhilarating as the process of creation. Taking a blank canvas, my 5 tubes of paint and “going to town”… anywhere, everywhere! It’s a wonderful escape whether you have talent or not, there is a good reason that schools, counselors, psychiatrists use a blank piece of paper and some crayons. It can be a very therapeutic experience for some… of course it can drive you a bit mad too when you have some expectations of how it should be looking, and you cannot quite get it, but never mind that part at the moment. Just get out, get in and do it. Indoors, outdoors, there is a rewarding experience waiting to be had at the end of your brush. It doesn’t really matter what it is you paint, representational, abstract, non-objective, it all has the same effect on one.

For me, this is what I love to do, and do, and do. It is a blast, and then every now and then you create a real beauty, and then you get out and do it again, because it’s not the end result for me, though I do love to look at wonderful fall enchantmentart. It is the act of creating, the challenge of applying paint to canvas in some fashion that works. Occasionally one enters the coveted “zone” when painting, and all the world is lost around them, you are one with your canvas. This I wish I entered that zone more than I do, but I don’t. Painting in short spurts with my timer set in the studio, or painting outdoors in crowded areas it’s kind of difficult to “zone out” for me, but I don’t mind. I can still get lost in the act of painting while talking to an onlooker.

To escape, I paint, to find myself, I paint. For fun, I paint, and again, for work… guess what? I do the same. It may not be what brought this little bit wild, little bit crazy, lot of bit self-destructive person out of a tailspin, but it sure has kept me flying up in the clouds.

Come on up and try it.