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2019 Workshops 

My workshops are an intense learning, yet fun filled way to gain new skills and improve on others. If you don’t believe me, read what some of the artists who have taken my workshops are saying. CLICK HERE

  • No matter the focus of the workshop, I teach with a combination of working with each artist individually, and as a group. We do daily critiques, along with quick demonstrations by myself showing my various approaches, or how to tackle a certain problem. Brief discussion sessions on the various topics, and materials as needed. 
  • My time during these workshops is spent with each artist, no matter the level to help them go away with a better understanding of what makes a successful painting experience, and how to achieve this.
  • You will find that I stress what I feel is the foundation of good landscape painting, and that is composition, values, color, depth, and edgework. 


Unlimiting the Limited Palette

Missouri:   Augusta Plein Air, Augusta MO, April 28 

One day workshop in the Missouri River wine country in conjunction with the Augusta Plein Air Festival. The workshop will focus and capturing the scene quickly and effeciently. 

Details CLICK

South Carolina:   Mt Pleasant, SC, May 17-18

2 day workshop in and around the low country near Charleston South Carolina. Focus will be on the fundamentals of landscape painting using a 4 color limited palette.  All levels welcome.

Details CLICK

Kansas:   Shawnee Mission, KS, June 14-16

3 day workhop in and around the Kansas City area, 3 days, new location each day. Focus will be fundamentals of landscape painting using a 4 color limited palette. All levels welcome.

Details CLICK

New York:   Genesee Country Village, Mumford NY, Sept 6-8

3 day outdoor painting workshop at the Geneseee Country Village. Each day we will paint in an entirely new era in American history. Focus will be learning accurate perspective in painting outdoors, combined with the basics of composition, values, and color, all using the a limited 4 color palette. All levels welcome. Basic knowledge of the fundamentals of art required.

Details CLICK

Georgia:   Three Hearts Farm, Newnan, GA,  Sept 13-15

3 day outdoor painting workshop in the rural confines just Southwest of Atlanta Georgia. We will be painting at a new location each day, focus will be on perspective in outdoor landscape, both linear and atmospheric. A basic understanding of the fundamentals of art required.

Details CLICK

Missouri:   October, TBA

Details on this 3 day outdoor painting workshop are being worked out. If you are interested in a fun learning experience you can let me know here and I will get you info as it is ironed out.

Details CLICK

Texas:       November, TBA

Details on this 3 day outdoor painting workshop are being worked out. If you are interested in a fun learning experience you can let me know here and I will get you info as it is ironed out.

Details CLICK


14 Responses to “Workshops”

  1. Mike shepherd says:

    I am interested in attending one of your workshops. Do you have dates set for spring or summer yet?
    Thanks, Mike

  2. Lori eubanks says:

    I am interested in the cost for your workshop in michigan. Your website won’t give me any information

  3. Claire Gagnon says:

    Hi Gregory,
    We met in Gloucester, MA last week. My girlfriend and I came to paint at Little River where you were painting. It was nice to meet you. Do you ever offer workshop on the east coast? I may be interested.

    • admin says:

      Hi Claire,
      I do remember you and your friend, and thanks for letting me crowd in and paint with you two. I do come East to teach every year, but have not taught a workshop in the New England area. Given enough interest I would love to come that direction. Greg

  4. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the great workshop here in Texas, Greg. Due to your relaxed, practical and attentive approach, I now have the confidence and courage to pack up my materials and go DO Plein Air painting. Despite the obstacles we had, as a group and individually, you demonstrated tenacity…and, that’s “the main thing” it takes to create something worthwhile…in my opinion. I also learned a great deal from the limited palette, the specific instruction and daily group critique. It was “life-changing”, Greg, truly!

    • admin says:

      Hi Sharon, I appreciate your comments, and hope you gained something from the 3 day workshop. I thought you did very well and were receptive to my instruction. Didn’t slap me a single time for painting on your canvas 😉 I hope you keep it up and get outdoors as often as possible. There’s nothing quite like it. Let’s try it again next year. Greg

  5. Mary Lee Lenertz says:

    Although not all great artists are also great teachers, you are absolutely outstanding at both. I feel very fortunate to have been able to take your wonderful workshop. I am deeply appreciative of the way you went out of your way to meet the needs of each of us. I learned so very much and I am looking forward to practicing what you taught me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope we see you again next year!

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comments Mary Lee, it was a pleasure working with you in Texas. Keep plugging away at it, and I’ll look for improvement the next time I see you. Greg

  6. Lucette Banas says:

    Hi Gregory, Just spoke with my friend, Karen Foegen, about your workshop at Mumford , in August. I am interested in coming – please send me info on how to sign up – hope there is still room !!! I will be bunking with Karen.

    • admin says:

      Outstanding Lucette, I saw the email and look forward to working with you. I’ll do my best to make sure you walk away a better artist. Thanks, Greg

  7. Jean LeCompte says:

    Do you have a schedule for 2019 workshops?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jean,
      Thanks for asking and I’m putting that together right now and should be posted by the first of next week. I hope there will be one near you.

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