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  • Artists of the New Century at the Bennington Center for the Arts
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February, 2018

“Four Arts Sake” Group show, featuring 20 of my latest plein air and studio works. Tim Murphy Art Gallery, 5701 Merriam Drive, Merriam KS. Opening reception, February 8, 7-8:30. Other artists include Dennis Brookerd, Carl D’Amico, and Kermit Dyer.

Gallery website, CLICK

American Impressionist Society, Small Works Show

Heartland Art Exhibition

Artigras Juried Exhibit


June 30, 2017

June normally one of my busiest months of plein air competitions, this year I mixed it up a bit and used it to teach and to act as judge for some painting events around the country.

Saint Francis of Assisi Mission

I was honored to have been asked to be judge for the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs (ANAC) annual event, this year held in York Nebraska. An amazing thing where all the art clubs across the state work together on a single event. I believe it’s the only thing like it in the country. Along with this, I taught a 3 day plein air workshop. The following week I was in Taos New Mexico teaching another 3 day workshop, and judging the Wild Rivers Plein Air event in Questa New Mexico.

First time in Taos, and really loved the place. Nice people with things to paint around every corner. Did have a bit of trouble with my paint mobile, so this ended costing quite a bit, but still really enjoyed it. I hope they continue the Wild Rivers event, beautiful place, and I’ve got some places that I would like to paint again.

May 28, 2017

Much busier May than normal as far as painting.

A Voyage down Metcalf Lane

Just back from the East coast and signed up for the local STEMS Plein Air Event, which is one of my favorites in the area, usually good sales and decent award money. This year they opened it up to painting anywhere in the Overland Park city limits. I painted quite a few pieces and had trouble narrowing it down to the three that I turned in. Evidently I turned in some good ones, because I was lucky enough to win 1st and 3rd place in oils with my selections… plus I got a good case of poison ivy while trying to capture one of my paintings. Well worth it… I think. The tow paintings that won were “Straddling the Fast Lane”, my view painting on a bridge above the highway, and “A Voyage down Metcalf Lane”, a painting of part of the old military highway, closed in 1960.

May 27, 2017

May is the month I normally reserve for getting things squared away at home, but instead found myself at the Wayne Plein Air competition in the Philadelphia area. My first time there, and would love to go back, but struck out when it came to sales and awards. I do think I created some nice work, but would have liked to have spent more time in the Philly area painting some of the old town, and shipyards.

I did really love painting at Valley Forge where I found the old Valley Forge rail station that had long been closed to the public. Me having this handy little pass letting us paint in locations that some of the public couldn’t go. One of the perks I really love about these events. Painted this “709 to Valley Forge” there, and look forward to going back. There was another spot I want to paint before they tear down that I’m not going to mention to a soul 😉

April 27, 2017

Sweet news in Dallas Texas for the OPS show at the Southwest Gallery, my painting “Lazing in the Sunshine” took an Honorable Mention. There goes my theory of never enter a truck into a show, the last two I’ve done both won awards. I’ll have to rethink life and my roll in it now…

I’m back, and it was not a truck that won in the Augusta Plein Air Festival. It was a nice little lake scene that had pollen growing all over it that took an award. It was a last minute decision to enter the Augusta event, and I’m glad I did. It’s a fun festival, nearby, lots of friendly folks running, and great artists scampering about the wine country.

March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone, and time to head back home from Florida.


Some great things going on in the Jupiter/Palm Beach area with the Lighthouse Arts Center Festival, good paintings, sales, and an award for my painting “Backstage”. A wonderful event, very well run, and love coming down here to start the plein air season.

Feb 7, 2017

I am now one of the newest “Signature” members of the American Impressionist Society, where I will be taking part in their “Small Works” show in California, also accepted into the Outdoor Painter Society show in Dallas, where 3 pieces were accepted.

R Gregory Summers AIS

R Gregory Summers AIS

Opening this Friday, group show at the R.G. Enders Gallery, “Catch me if you CanA Group show with Carl D’Amico,  James Kilmer, and myself. Feb 11th I am painting live at the Medical Missions Foundation, “Art for the Children” in downtown Kansas City. The following Friday, it’s Artigras opening in Leawood, KS where I have a couple studio works juried in, then the next Friday is the opening at the Rice Gallery for their National plein air exhibit, two plein air works were juried into this show. In between I am headed down to the Rio Grand to paint at Big Bend National Park with Richard Sneery and Tim Oliver.

Feb 4 2017

The Bennington Center for the Arts is pleased to announce that invitations have been sent out for our upcoming show, Artists for the New Century. Exhibited only every 5 years, Artists for the New Century offers a unique opportunity to celebrate distinguished members of the fine art community.

Artists were hand-selected by the editors of 5 prominent fine art magazines: American Art Collector, Art of the West, Fine Art Connoisseur, PleinAir Magazine, and Southwest Art. The editors were asked to select artists whose work they have noticed to be consistently strong, and who they feel deserve to be recognized for their talents.

A lot of preamble, but I’m honored to say that I have been invited to take part in this rare exhibit at The Bennington from September 9th to December 23rd, 2017. What in the world will I wear?

Feb 1, 2017

Let me see, have I missed anything yet? En Plein Air Texas, the Zion Invitational, thought that over the holidays things might slow down a bit and I could get caught up, but has that ever worked for anyone? I didn’t think so. We spend that tiny window of time between the end of the outdoor painting season in November to the official beginning (for me anyway) in March, catching up with family, lining up events for the next year, and maybe, just maybe kick your feet up for a little bit.

This coming year is going to be better than all the rest combined.


Preparing many pieces of last years work for a group show here locally, and framing others to ship out across the country for various shows and exhibitions. February a few artists and myself are heading to Big Bend National Park to paint along the Rio Grand river, taking on the task of recording some of the borderland BEFORE the infamous “Wall” is built. My plans are to keep you posted, but for more of the day to day things, join me on Facebook or Instagram.  Let’s Go!

Oct 17, 2016

I am so much better at painting regularly than I am at updating my news page, or posting on my blog, but thanks for being patient.

Just finished a 3 day workshop in Beatrice, Nebraska that was very well received. Great people with the Beatrice

Lazing in the Sunshine

Lazing in the Sunshine

Arts Guild there. Right now I’m currently preparing for “En Plein Air Texas” in San Angelo, but may I get you updated on a few things since August. I took part in the “Plein Air Rockies” in Estes Park, Colorado and created some beauties. Even did a truck, that is so “un-me”, but it was fun. From the Rockies it was back home where I spent most of September, with a jaunt out to the Flint Hills to paint with artist friends, and took part in the Brush Creek plein air event in Kansas City, where I took a first place award of my “Opening Starbucks” painting.

Somewhere in there I took a dozen paintings to the Folger Gallery in Midland Texas, where I have recently joined, and while in Texas I taught a workshop in Glen Rose, thanks to

Opening Starbucks SOLD

Opening Starbucks SOLD

Dianne Gruber for putting that together.

The Missouri Valley Impressionist Society had it’s 2nd show of the year at the Cathy Kline Gallery featuring the figure, and have hosted or sponsored a few other paintouts. Please take a look at that website for info and locations.

Okay, time to make some more frames for Texas… Texas SIZED!

Aug 4, 2016

Much to get updated on, where to start yet keep it brief. Richmond Virginia, a week long paintout in one of the oldest towns in the United States, very fun, very beautiful, AND where I took home an “Honorable Mention” award for my painting “RVA Bound Train”.RVA Bound Train 300dpi

Home then for most of July with short trips around in the Midwest painting and catching up on things. Ended the month with a quick “in & out” to Door County Plein Air in Door County Wisconsin. Susie & I did the 11 hour drive on Friday, painted on Saturday, then headed home on Sunday. While there I was fortunate enough to take home “Artists Choice Award”, and “People’s Choice Award” for my painting, “Leaving at 10”.

Leaving at 10

Leaving at 10

It was a beautiful sloop that when I saw it in the harbor I knew I had to find a good position to paint that from. Exactly 1 hour into the 2 hour quick paint, the boat pulled anchor and left for the day, leaving me painting it’s “negative space”.

Now working on a couple pieces for the Zion Invitational, studio works of National Parks. I hope you’ll enjoy them when I’m done. Must get ready for “Plein Air Rockies”. I’m heading West in a week for that.

Stay tuned!

June 16, 2016

Just returned from the Santa Fe Plein Air event in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I must tell you that it was beyond

Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence

expectations. The landscape, and the town of Santa Fe was totally amazing. I’m still not sold on the “dry heat”, give me 90% humidity any day, but the art, the galleries, the geography, and the people, though a bit on the line of old eccentric artists were something to behold.

I drove about 800 miles to Santa Fe, and spent a week painting within their very large boundary lines, putting another 1000 miles on my “Paint Mobile”. Well worth it, from the Ghost Ranch in the North, to Pecos National Monument in the South, the scenery was amazing.  A good learning experience and pushed my ability to match the landscape with my 4 color pallet.

DSC_0176It’s on to the East coast now as I repack, and replenish my gear. Richmond Plein Air in Richmond Virginia. No striped desert canyons to be found here, but just as excited to be painting in a land just as steeped with history. Stay tuned, and you might find better updates if you follow me on Facebook.

May 2016

May is spent at home with the family, and getting things ready for the upcoming summer.

April 28, 2016

Time for some much needed R&R after a successful trip through the Southwest. I believe I have done my best to make “plein air” painting a little more enjoyable to those who have not tried or have struggled with it. Drop those expectations, and get rid of that ego.

May is going to be spent with family, and doing things needed to prepare for the big summer push across the country. Looking forwards to seeing some grandkids in Georgia, and cooking up some family dinners on Sundays, honing up on some of my under-heralded culinary skills.

March 29, 2016

The end of winter found me on a 3,000+ mile trip to the warmer ends of the continent as part of the Lighthouse Arts Center Plein Air Festival in Jupiter, Florida.

Late Slip SOLD

Late Slip SOLD

50 top artists from around the country (Canada & Italy too) competing for top prizes and awards. The always fabulous George Van Hook took top honors. Sales were good, and the event was run like a well oiled machine. Ted Matz & the Lighthouse Arts Center staff did a bang up job keeping us artists content. (is that really possible?)

Just around the corner I’m off to Jury the Glenn Rose Texas “Paint the Glenn” plein air event. I will be at opening night in Dallas at the Southwest Gallery for the “Outdoor Painters Society” opening on April 9th, then head West to Tucson for the 5th Annual Plein Air Convention & Exhibition, then home in time to teach a sold out workshop in Harrisonville, Missouri.

The season has begun in earnest!

March 6, 2016

In like a lion, so to speak.  Opening on the 4th in Nebraska with my solo exhibition, Heartland Artists Exhibit on the

Finding a Diversion

Finding a Diversion

5th at the Tim Murhpy Gallery in Merriam, KS, and heading to the Lighthouse Arts Center 3rd annual Plein Air Festival in Florida. Took an “Honorable Mention” with my “Finding a Diversion”. Juried results are coming in and find myself a part of the Telluride Plein air in Colorado in June/July, and I am now part of the Zion National Park Plein Air Invitational, this will be in November. I’ll post more news asap.

January 29, 2016

For day to day blows one might “Friend” me on Facebook. But I’ll give you the lowdown on what is, and will be happening here in 2016.

Just returned from some “R&R” in New Zealand & Australia, enjoying the tennis at the Australian Open, and painted with a little group of artists there in Melbourne at St Kilda Beach.

Catch me and my art in these upcoming venues,



“Frivolities of Summers”, Solo show with the Willa Cather Foundation in Red Cloud Nebraska. Show runs from Feb 19-April 2nd, Opening reception March 4, 5-6:30pm.

Plein Air Southwest Salon 2016: Outdoor Painter Society, Southwest Gallery, Dallas, Texas. 3 paintings accepted, show runs April 9-May 16. Opening reception April 9th, I will be attending.

3rd Annual Plein Air Festival: Lighthouse Arts Center, Florida. March 10-13,  a special ticketed Patron and Collectors’ Reception will be on Saturday, March 12.

October 18

It’s been a great October, and it’s barely 1/2 way over. Starting out with “Best of Show” in the “Chase County Plein 20151013_093950Air”, now I just took “1st Place” oils, and “Best of Show” with my painting “Forget all your Cares” in the “Paint Parkville”, Plein Air event.

I then received notice that my “From Within” painting took “1st Place” 2D in the SAAG National Show in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and received notice I’ve been juried into the 3rd Annual Lighthouse Arts Center Plein Air Festival this coming March in Florida.

Round and round we go, where we stop…


October 16

Recently back from Nebraska working on some “Willa Cather” paintings for my solo show, and in the middle of the

Park Royal

“Park Royal” 16×12

“Paint Parkville” plein air event along the Missouri River. Tonight I will be helping out with a “Walk among the Arts” in downtown Overland Park for a benefit supporting the InterUrban ArtHouse. I’ll be painting near the clock-tower. I have some work in the SAAG National show in Blue Ridge Georgia, and the New Mexico Plein Air Painters member show in Santa Fe. Hope you can take a peek somewhere… trying to make it easy for you 😉

October 6

Chase County Plein Air has just ended and we are about to get going with the “Paint Parkville” along the Missouri River next week. Thought to update what has been happening.

Since my last entry in June I have returned to upstate New York for the Olana Plein Air, a beautiful place to paint

The Secrets of Olana

The Secrets of Olana

and I would recommend to anyone to get there and see the land that began the outdoor landscape movement in America. Simply breathtaking!

Door County, Wisconsin and painting in Sister Bay for the 1 day open, where I ran into a lot of friends all there for the same reason. Paint!

A brief stop over in KC before heading to Colorado for the Plein Air Artists Colorado opening in Boulder, a wonderful workshop with the talented Lorenzo Chavez, and then off to Crested Butte for the Plein Air Open, and hanging with artist friend Rhonda McCay on Red Mountain.

Red Cloud 009

Chatfield Tree

Home for most of September working on projects around the home, but I did get up to Nebraska a couple times working on paintings for my solo show in Red Cloud at the Willa Cather Foundation.

I must not forget the group show at the ArtSource & Design in Overland Park featuring some of my better pieces from 2015, and then I just returned from over a week painting in the Flint Hills at the Chase County Plein Air Festival. I am pleased to say that I did take Best of Show with my “Moving On” painting.

Next week it’s Parkville Plein Air, and then to the South to visit my grand-girls and work on a commission painting in Charleston SC. I’ll try to post a bit more regularly for you.

June 22

Just returned from a 10 day trip to the “Publisher’s Invitational” affectionately known as “Paint Camp”

From Within

From Within

to all who attend. A week of just painting with fellow artists in the beauty of the upper Adirondack mountains in New York. Saw some old friends and made some new ones. We were on our toes due to the recent escape of 2 convicts from a nearby prison.

With friends new and old

With friends new and old







June 10, 11, 12

“Where in the World is…” The 2nd Annual LIVE Plein Air art show… and where in the world will this plein air artist be painting?

April 28-

Dogwood Spring 112A residency at Dogwood Canyon painting just about as many things as I can. I’ll post more but right now I’ve got to paint.

April 17, 18, 19

Plein air workshop in Macon Georgia.  A lot of rain this spring in the East so we only actually got outdoors

Workshop at Lake Tobesofkee

Workshop at Lake Tobesofkee

on 1 day. It is my belief that in teaching plein air workshops for beginners and intermediate artists is to insure they are enjoying themselves and having fun. I teach the skills that it takes to make painting outdoors possible, and painting in a downpour might ruin it for them and never try again. I save that for the Advanced artists, there’s no hope for them 😉


Feb 27, 28

11009200_10205046050985038_7218023209382564065_nShock & Awe Workshop through the Tim Murphy Gallery and Heartland Art Exhibit. Opening exhibition of the Heartland Exhibit March 7, 2015

Feb 20

ArtiGras juried competition in Leawood KS, two paintings juried in, my “A Sailor’s Tale” received an honorable mention, Eva Reynolds from Eve Reynolds Fine Arts juror.

Jan 8

New Orleans Louisiana, working with the Louisiana Living History Society and painting the Bicentennial reenactment of the Battles of New Orleans. Worked live on the battlefield, and in the campsites.New Orleans Day 7 081

Dec 11

What’s in Your Backyard? Featured article in “Outdoor Painter” online magazine regarding my “Looking out your Back Door” painting challenge, a nice read with some great pics. Click Here

Painting a Peace of America, a solo show

Painting a Peace of America, a solo show

“Painting a Peace in America” my solo show at the Underground Gallery, Kansas City Artists Coalition is opening Dec 12 with artist talk at 6pm.  Featuring plein air work from my travels across America. 48 plein air pieces, 2 studio paintings.

Nov 19

Just back from a little vacation to Palm Springs where Susie and her tennis team were playing in the National World

Honey, did you shut the Gate

Honey, did you shut the Gate

Team Tennis tournament. They finished in 5th place. Congrats Team Hilltop! I’m preparing for a show at the Kansas City Artists Coalition, and lining up events for 2015. While all this is going on I’m putting on this little online painting challenge on Facebook. “Looking out my Back Door”. Inviting artists around the globe to paint something, anything from within 100 feet of their backdoor. There was a little article written by Bob Bahr in Outdoor Painter online magazine regarding it. Check that out here.

Oct 23

"Knowing where to Look"

“Knowing where to Look”

This month started out in Colorado, and will be ending in the Flint Hills of Kansas, but between the two I must make note… taking part in the 3rd annual “Parkville in Art” plein air event put on by the Cathy Kline gallery I was honored to have been given “Best of Show” for my “Knowing where to Look”, 1st place Purchase Award for “Looking both Ways” and an Honorable Mention for “Winning in Four”. Thanks to all who made it possible, and to Debra Joy Groesser the juror for the event.

Just returned from a trip to Nebraska working on some commissions, and of course painted along the way. What great Autumn color this year.

Painting along the Lewis & Clark journey

Painting along the Lewis & Clark journey

Sept 30

It’s time for the American Impressionist Society at the Abend Gallery in Denver Colorado. Oct 2-Nov 1. Opening reception Oct 2 5-8pm. Going to be a fun time, also planning on visiting my son Julian in Boulder while I’m there , and sister Sonja in Firestone.


Sept 26

Nice little article about my Summer trip in Novembers “Plein Air” magazine, of course I’m going to post something on it…

November issue, Plein Air Magazine

November issue, Plein Air Magazine

Sept 12-26

My “Brush Creek Art Walk:plein air competition” has had almost my full attention during this time. Working with Anne Garney and Patricia Grey on this event is always a blast. Sure a lot of work, but I love to get artists painting with each other, and seeing all the different art styles, and levels. Great weather this year, a funtastic evening at the reception. The show will be up through October with about 68 paintings on display. Check it out, it’s at the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Center and State Museum, 3700 Blue Pkwy, Kansas City, MO 64130

Quick Paint Zone 4

Quick Paint Zone 4

Aug 30

Road trip to Longmont Colorado, and Evergreen to take down my “Bringing it Back” solo show. Took this opportunity to paint with some very talented artists there in Longmont. Thank you Jane for organizing, and Marc for hosting this little gathering.

Longmont Paintout Aug

Longmont Paintout Aug

Aug 16

A much needed vacation with Susie at beautiful Woman Lake in upper Minnesota. Thank you Ann & John for letting us come up and play for a week. I wonder what it’s like there in the fall?

Woman Lake Cabin

Woman Lake Cabin

Aug 4

Currently working on a project in the Ozark mountains of Missouri. Johnny and Jeanie Morris have “hired” a few artists from the Midwest to paint their properties. An ongoing project for the new “Spa” being built at Big Cedar Lodge. Keep checking back, progress and pics will be periodically posted.

Chapel on the Rock

Chapel on the Rock

July 4

Can you say “whirlwind?” Well that would not even come close to describing these past few weeks. I will post some of the better paintings from the Adirondacks and Richmond Virginia. I am currently painting away as part of the Crested Butte Invitational. I know, long story you have time? Okay, later. I did win a couple awards at the “Plein Air Richmond” event. Honorable Mention in the overall show, and then 2nd place in the “Quick Paint” I think I can post a pick of one of the winners.

Don't Rock the Boat

Don’t Rock the Boat

June 9

How time flies when your, well I was about to say “having fun” but I’m changing that to “how time flies after you reach 50”. The Schlitterbahn paint has not happened, and communications that had been ongoing for almost a year have been cut. The World’s tallest water slide is undergoing some extensive testing to make sure it’s perfect for the public, and I don’t think they need a plein air artist getting in the way. I will still try to get up, but not till off season now.  We shall see, they have been great in working with me in the past.

Many things happening too numerous to mention, but briefly… Augusta Plein Air I took a couple of “Honorable Mention” awards, and sold almost a half dozen paintings. Came back to the Penn Valley Plein Air festival and won a 3rd place. While painting the STEMS competition my Mother passed away, may she finally rest in peace. A good woman, and one who taught me so so much… except painting. I was able to focus long enough to get a couple more awards at STEMS, 3rd & 4th place.

Now it’s time “go where the wind takes me” on my plein air campaign of 2014. For more info and to register for a chance to win a painting from the trip follow this link.

March 18

“For Immediate release”

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Its name means “insane” in German. The thousands who will ride it are sure to agree. But when Overland Park artist R. Gregory Summers first heard of its construction, he knew where his next extreme painting challenge lay – in “Verrückt.”

Or, rather, atop it.

New Braunfels, Texas-based Schlitterbahn Waterparks has built “Verrückt” – the world’s tallest and fastest water slide – at its park in Kansas City, Kan. Summers’ challenge to himself and to the elements: painting “en plein air,” French for “in the open air” atop the 16-story slide.

“Whether adverse weather or terrain, it is the challenge of capturing a moment in time that drives me onward,” Summers said. “Rain or snow, atop buildings or mountains, the desire to record a space and time remains the same. We go outside to enjoy the land, or stay inside to avoid it. It is the plein air artist that brings it in.”

Summers will make several trips to the top of the slide, first on April 17-18 and again before the pre-opening festivities of Memorial Day weekend.

“We received hundreds of requests after news of our waterslide broke,” said Layne Pitcher, Marketing Director for Schlitterbahn Kansas City. “But Gregory’s was the most unique. It is an incredible view from the top of Verrückt and we felt it deserved to be captured by an artist.”

“My main concern will be the winds at that altitude,” said Summers. “Springtime in the heartland at ground level is a challenge in itself. Painting at over 16 stories high will multiply the problems considerably. Other than that, I don’t see any real dangers. I’m not the one jumping off into a little puddle of water.”

Summers, who compared the challenge to “sticking six windmills on top of each other, with an actual place to stand,” said his goal is to produce a set of four paintings, each showing the view from a different compass point.


Summers, the co-founder of the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society and the Brush Creek Art Walk, is a national award-winning landscape artist and vice president of the Greater Kansas City Artists Association. He is a longtime resident of the Kansas City area who now lives in Overland Park.

More information on Summers can be found at his Web site, rgregorysummers.com. For more on “Verrückt,” the world’s tallest and fastest water slide, contact the park at 913.312.3110 or visit schlitterbahn.com/kc.

March 17

Now Showing is featuring my artwork in 3 buildings downtown through July, you’ll have to try pretty hard to miss this.

March 4

On the last day of February I finally returned outdoors to paint.

Tire Tracks

Tire Tracks

Found some tire tracks in Nebraska that looked like a good spot to paint. Searched high and low for this spot, I don’t know how many miles I went (well actually I do, I did record it)

I’ve been painting all month primarily in studio, some large pieces that I’m pretty pleased with. You can see some on my art 2014 page HERE

. Just recently given an award of merit at the 19th Annual Heartland National Artist Exhibition. This was my “Country Stare Down” painting from the fall. I have also been asked to take part as an “excursion guide” at the Crested Butte Plein Air Invitational in June/July. An excellent opportunity for me, and will be given in the “juried” artist tent with the same amount of wall space at the “Grand Exhibit on July 12

February 5

Snow falling all around and I’m not out there in it, what is the world coming to? An illness has kept me out of the weather

Goochie Ford Road

Goochie Ford Road

recently, but has not stopped me from creating in the studio. Super Bowl weekend we had a couple auctions of some smaller work I’ve done. Next week is my opening for “A Touch of Dixie” at the Church of the Nativity in Leawood KS. Reception is open to the public and is from 5-7pm.

Jan 28

Hmmm, what to talk about? So much, but I’ll just mention that all 3 of my

Country Stare Down

Country Stare Down

entries to the “18th Annual Heartland Art Exhibit” has been accepted. Whoo Hoo! They are, “Country Stare Down”, “Stepping Across Borders”, and “Wyandotte Spring”. All can be seen on my 2013 art page… click here. Okay enough of that. “Platte River Thirst” has safely arrived in Florida, and I believe next week we will be doing an opening in Leawood, KS with “A Touch of Dixie”. I hope you can attend. More info out soon, but I know it’s on February First Friday.

Jan 17

Last night opened my show in Lee’s Summit with art from the West.

It's an Aspen Little Grasshopper

It’s an Aspen Little Grasshopper

February “First Friday” will be opening my “A Touch of Dixie” with paintings from my Eastern sojourn. Tonight we open the “Missouri Valley Impressionist Society” show at the Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art in St Joseph Missouri. Hold on, 2014 should be a ride!

Jan 7

If you are anywhere close the the Midwestern part of the United States you know about the arctic weather that is roaring through.

-9 wind chill -24

-9 wind chill -24

On Monday the thermometer read -11 degrees outdoors, brrrrr! But what goes through my head is “opportunity to learn”. Of course I had to get out there and see how this extreme weather affected my paints, and me.

Welcome to 2014,

22x28 oil on canvas

Platte River Thirst

What in the world is in store for us this year? I begin the year with 2 solo openings, submitting art for numerous juried shows across the country. My Missouri Valley Impressionist Society and I are hosting the 3rd Annual National Show at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in St. Joseph, Missouri this month, and I will be shipping my “Platte River Thirst” to Punta Gorda Florida for the 9th Annual National Art Exhibition.

Dec 31

Just hung my “A Touch of Dixie” show, featuring 24 paintings from my trip to take part in the American Impressionist Society show in Charleston, South Carolina. Along with these 24 paintings are 12 paintings, 3 each from my years of plein air painting. An interesting chronology of my work. Well worth the trip to Leawood, KS Church of the Nativity. 119th & Mission Rd. I have a link to my Facebook page here with a good number of the paintings shown. I will post a separate page as soon as I get good images of each. CLICK HERE

Dec 9

Pictured at the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association awards presentation with president Rod Richardson and my “To Antioch Road”

KCMBA awards presentation

Photo by Larry F. Levenson Photography








Dec 4

Notified today that I have 2 paintings accepted into the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society Second International ON-LINE Exhibition.  My “Brushcreek & Broadway is being donated to help the Medical Missions Foundation. “To Antioch Road” will be presented to the outgoing president of the Kansas City Metropolitin Bar Association at a luncheon on Friday at the Muehlbach Hotel.

Brushcreek & Broadway 16x20 oil

Brushcreek & Broadway
16×20 oil

To Antioch Road

To Antioch Road

From the Camp of the Enemy

From the Camp of the Enemy


Nov 13

Need something to do? How about conducting a “Global Painting Challenge”? I really don’t need anything else on my plate right now, but I just couldn’t resist. Contacted by PleinAir magazine’s writer Bob Bahr after participating in John Lasater’s painting feat of 24 plein air paintings in 24 hours, I am now doing an online challenge on

Drainage Ditch

Drainage Ditch

Facebook entitled “Looking out my Front Door”. Challenging artists to send in a photo of a painting they created from within 50 feet (15m) outside their front door. Paintings are slowly trickling in from all levels of artists, and from all parts of the world. New Zealand, Netherlands, Brazil, Russia, Ireland. It’s really quite interesting looking out the doors of each of these artists. Take your own look if you will. CLICK

 Painter” online magazine about me, and my favorite place to paint. Actually when asked where my favorite place was to paint, I didn’t really have one favorite place, it is finding a place I do not like to paint that is difficult. Please take a moment to read if you can. CLICK

Oct 22

My 2 paintings leading my solo exhibits in Omaha and Kansas City have been honored with the “Bold Brush FAV15%” (jury’s favorite

From the Camp of the Enemy

From the Camp of the Enemy

15% of the entries from across the country) I believe you can view all of the top 15% here at this link, but for ease I’ll put one of my two paintings here… see how accomodating we are 😉

Oct 16

I have just returned from a 19 day trip to the South, with lengthy stays in South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. My original intent was to stay a bit longer and meet up with the SAAG show in Blue Ridge, Georgia, but things did not work out this way. I am pleased with the trip, met wonderful people and artists along the way, put some bodies to a good number of “Face Book” friends, and met my granddaughter “Dorian Rose Champagne”.

Thanks to all of those who helped me along the trip, with food and housing, Judy, Edie, Jennifer, Mike, Devin, Randy, and most of all for woman who has been behind me every step of the way, my loving wife Susie. Thanks Suz

August 24

Has someone been neglecting to post? Maybe, but I’m here now. Awesome month, busy as all get out. (whatever that means) Hard at work at getting things going for the Brush Creek Art Walk, and the City of Fountains benefit. There are shows galore that are sneaking up along with workshops I’m putting on. I hope you can attend at least one. Painted fun piece on my birthday of the “Roasterie” which is a local coffee company, which has an old DC-3 airliner as it’s logo for it’s “air roasted” similarities. I’ve got a link to it here on YouTube, I hope you check it out.

Kimbell McCurry and I are heading to paint in the Illinois River Watershed competition tomorrow in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Looks like good hot summer weather. Will let you know how that goes. Now let me try to make that link for you…  check it out


July 22

A few things  in the past 30+ days, I’ll keep it brief… yeah right! The MVIS show in Topeka KS closed, headed from the to Petoskey Michigan for the OPA Salon show, which had my “Abandoned at LaSauses” painting. A very impressive array of art from some of the best artists in the country. I believe we had 1/2 dozen artists in there from the MVIS.

Opening in Hastings Nebraska at the Graham Gallery, reception went well, and a few paintings sold. The show has been taken down and is now waiting it’s next assignment. Which will be in the CrossRoads at the “Studio Above” with Ada, Jackie, Nancy and Bill. This is a 1 day gig for “First Friday”.

Meetings, meetings and more meetings with the BCAW, and the City of Fountains, MVIS, when will it ever end? Rhetorical, don’t bother answering.

Some big gigs coming up soon, but a couple little shows in between. Sept/Oct is going to be even crazier than April/May/June/July need to rest a bit in August if I can.

June 16

Back from a successful “Symphony on the Flint Hills” where my painting “Warning at Mineral Springs” was one of the juried paintings sold at this event. Helping to benefit the Flint Hills preseervation.

Packing up and heading to the OPA Salon show in Petoskey, MI where my painting “Abandoned in LaSauses” was juried into this inaugural event.  There are a couple paintouts sponsored by Plein Air magazine that I hope to take part in.

Abandoned at LaSauses

Abandoned at LaSauses

June 13

I was informed that 2 of my 3 paintings were accepted into the STEMS plein air competition exhibit. Even better news was that both ended up award winners. I already told you about “In Ailie’s Glade”, but my 10×20 “Santa Fe Silence” won the  Mary Cohen Art Appreciation Award. A pleasant surprise to say the least. Nice!

Mary Cohen Art Appreciation Award

Mary Cohen Art Appreciation Award

June 12

The opening of the STEMS juried show is this Friday at the Tomahawk Ridge Center in Overland Park, KS. I believe I have a few paintings that were accepted. I know I have not received a notice to “please come and pick up your paintings” that we sometimes get.

In Ailie's Glade

In Ailie’s Glade

Maybe I’m not checking the right mailbox? For sure I know that one of my paintings made it in, and that’s the “In Ailie’s Glade” piece. It took 2nd place in oils, so hopefully I will receive enough prize money to help pay for some of my gas to Petoskey Michigan next week.

I also delivered 27 paintings to the Graham Gallery in Hastings Nebraska. My solo show opens there on Thursday, with the opening reception (artist will be present) on July 5th. Do come.

May 27

On the 17th the STEMS painting competition began, usually drawing 100-150 artists from around the region. I began well with a nice looking painting at the Sunset paintout, after that things kind of fizzled off, I got caught up in meetings for the Brush Creek Art Walk, and the City of Fountains Foundation, and helping this. It’s a wonderful cause, and I’m still learning how to say no… so “yes”.

Just returned from Manhattan, KS where I’ve been over the Memorial weekend. Heavy rains have caused flooding in the basement, the pool pump went kaput, and I now need to get 16 paintings framed ASAP. Is there time to paint? I’m going to try.

May 14

Spoke this evening to the Lee’s Summit Arts Council in regards to the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society, heard today that the KC Arts Council will be sponsoring the Brush Creek Art Walk, taking it under it’s 501c umbrella. Hooray! A little less work for us down the line I believe. Wed the 15th it’s a meeting with all the volunteers for the Brush Creek Art Walk, and tennis at the JCC.

May 10

A busy week, and painting had very little to do with it. Meetings regarding the “Festival of Fountains” in Kansas City and how the artists in the region can take part and help to raise money to repair some of the more needy fountains. A meeting with the KC Arts Council in regards to the Brush Creek Art Walk, getting ready to head up to Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge for an MVIS paintout, and it now looks like I am the new Vice President in charge of programs at the Greater Kansas City Artist Association. Come and join us if you please.

May 1

Who was it that said, “keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting”. I know it’s not deep, but I’ve never been accused of that. Either way it’s pretty appropriate in my case.

I work hard and sometimes it pays off.

Just returned from the Augusta Plein Air Festival in Augusta, Missouri. This is wine country along the Missouri River and the Katy Trail. I had never been to this area, and I see I have been missing out on a beautiful area right in my backyard. This is usually the case, we tend to go to extremes to find things at a distance, when it’s really not necessary, but that’s not the point.

It turned out to be a very successful outing for me. The event is 10 days of paintout competitions at various locations throughout the

Augusta art

Augusta art

area. I ended up with 5 finalists, and of those I had a 1st place and a 2nd place (1st honorable mention) A good % because I only participated in 7 of 11 competitions. I spent much of my time driving back and forth to delivering artwork for the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society National Show at the Southwind Gallery in Topeka, KS, and then judging the Shawnee Mission School Districts 51st annual R&D forum.

I’m not doing very well in keeping this a “quick note” am I? Okay the long and the short of it, the place was amazing, great people, great scenery. About 100 artist vying for awards and I seemed to hold my own pretty well.

Next up, STEMS

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  1. Hi Greg,

    I would like to be notified when you post a quick note.

    I wasn’t able to make it to the volunteer meeting for the Brush Creek Art Walk but I am interested in helping out.



  2. Don Jusko says:

    Talking about rain.
    “I save that for the Advanced artists, there’s no hope for them.”
    I was in my van painting, comfortable, warm, radio playing, all the good stuff.
    Stephen was painting in the rain, he painted until the canvas was so wet the paint wouldn’t stick anymore. That was about 25 years ago, I still think of our paint-outs, he lives on the Big island now, I’m on Maui. We both paint all the time.

    • admin says:

      You end up with some wonderful atmosphere when you are out there painting on rainy days, I would say everyone should try it, and dress accordingly. If you treat your canvas ahead of time you can get some good painting in. I think Maui would be the perfect place to practice this. Thanks for the comments. Greg

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