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Best of Show, LA

"The Secret Rights of the Atchafalaya Swamp" was honored by taking Best of Show in the "Shadows on the Teche" Plein Air Festival in New Iberia, Louisiana. I spent almost the entire week falling in love with the Louisiana swamps, and the people of the area. This was my first-time painting in the rural areas of Louisiana, but it will not be the last. I look forward to my return.

Best of Show, OK

"Stop or Keep Going" took Best of Show in the "Plein Air Tulsa!" event in Tulsa Oklahoma. Was it the oddity of it being a little mud puddle? It was one of those times when you are going from point "A" to point "B" when something catches you from the corner of your eye and you say "why not?"

Award of Merit, VA

"Sunday Stroll" one of my favorite pieces created at the Plein Air Richmond event. It's a beautiful old city that I just love to paint. This is up on Church Hill near where Patrick Henry gave his "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death" speech in 1775

Award of Merit, TX

“West Sirius, SeaDrill” taking an Award of Merit at the Southwest Plein Air Festival in Rockport Texas. This was simply a Kansas boy being enamored by one of the largest oil rigs I’ve ever seen and wanting to capture some of it’s size on a small 14x11” canvas. Reaching almost 300 feet tall, this was one of 3 monsters in a row in for service.

Best of Show, KS

Through adversity we paint, and in it sometimes comes our best comes forward. This is a painting from the “Chase County Plein Air Festival.” I had passed this scene at different times of day, and decided on an early morning try. Up well before the sun, I had to guess on where my bovine subjects were. Not so easy, I was asked to “move on” by a rancher, then the cows moved on, and in came a skunk, and I politely urged her to “move on”. But as plein air artists we do our best and go on from there.

Cusco, Peru

“To Run with the Puma”, part of my “Plains to Peru” series from my journey from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu by way of the Classic Inca Trail To look over this ancient city of Cusco from Pukamuku was for me a thrilling experience. There before me lay the heart of the Inca civilization laid out in the form of the sacred Puma. I could stare at this for hours just imagining. And I still do.

Painting Workshops

April-Augusta Missouri, May-Mt Pleasant South Carolina, June-Kansas City, September-Mumford New York, Newnan Georgia, October-Mount Airy North Carolina, November-Palo Duro Texas

the MVIS

The Missouri Valley Impressionist Society.Summers painting on location at Indian Cave State Park, with fellow MVIS founders Jeff Sparks and Rachel Mindrup. (not shown, Brent Seevers) Here some of the ideas on creating a group for representational artists, to help grow, and build impressionistic art in the upper Midwest were formed. (Loosely, mostly we painted )

  • Newly elected member of the Salmagundi Art Club, New York, New York
  • Artists of the New Century at the Bennington Center for the Arts
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