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One Response to “20140712_202500z”

  1. Hi Greg,

    I like to participate in the social events when I’m not painting, but I have a tendency to isolate myself when I am painting, so I do feel like I miss out on some of the camaraderie and I often wonder if I am perceived as aloof because of it. I think it comes from feelings of inadequacy when there are painters around me that I think are more skilled than me. Thanks for this thoughtful essay; I always enjoy your posts and pics but this post is important food for thought for me. Maybe I need to push myself to paint with others more often to get over the ugly feelings of inferiority – then I might feel less like I am missing out on the camaraderie and my art will improve as an added bonus. So I’ll start with you as an artist I admire. Let’s paint together next time we are at the same event!

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