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3 Day Landscape Workshop

“Painting the Landscape from Life”


June 8, 9, 10
Association of Nebraska Art Clubs Inc.
York, Nebraska
Information/registration: Pamela Hynek   CLICK

3 day plein air workshop sponsored by the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs, Inc.

Painting beautiful landscapes is not easy, painting beautiful landscapes outdoors? Even harder

This workshop is designed for those who want a better understanding of the methods and techniques to landscape painting, indoors and outdoors.

Greg will take you through the process of seeing, thinking, and learning to understand how and why “less is more”. Taking in the vast amount of information and breaking it down into manageable portions through shapes, values & color, using a limited color pallet.

We will be painting different subjects each day, on location. (Weather permitting)  There will be plenty of “one-on-one” guidance, demos, and a question & answer session on a daily basis. A class critique will be conducted at the end of each day.

Day 1             Composition: starting with a good foundation

Day 2             Values: more important than color in a successful painting

Day 3             Color: creating depth with color temperatures

To register or for more information contact Pamela Hynek   CLICK

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