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The art and related matters, RGS


No two ways about it, when Summers found out that it was possible to create paintings outdoors, that dim light shining on his professional career turned into a floodlight.

A Touch of Dixie

A collection of 24 plein air paintings from my autumn trip to Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia are now on display through Feb 24. Open reception Feb 13, 5-7pm 3800 W 119th St, Shawnee Mission, KS 66209

And the winner is...

If you weren't there, (and many of you were not) This is one of my latest plein air paintings from the STEMS plein air competition.


It's why I'm here

Always something

The life of an artist is a bit different than many, the life of a plein air artist is stranger still. A little looser, and you can't let things get to you.

Co-founder MVIS

Summers painting on location at Indian Cave State Park, with fellow MVIS founders Jeff Sparks and Rachel Mindrup. (not shown, Brent Seevers) Here some of the ideas on creating a group for representational artists, to help grow, and build impressionistic art in the upper Midwest were formed. (Loosely, mostly we painted )

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“I am inspired by creation. I am driven by the experience. 

“I paint the land that I claim to be a part of. It is not to replicate the scene before me, more to bring back a piece of what took me there in the first place.”

R. Gregory Summers



My Passion and Inspiration




Rick, interpreting the landscape

Rick, interpreting the landscape

Gone  now, Rick still guides me along this road I’ve taken.  My intent is to keep his dreams alive, somehow, someway.


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