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Barely A Whisper

From the Zion Invitational in Utah to the Great Ocean Road in Australia, painting outdoors is not easy. The proverbial “miles of canvas” behind the artist is not exaggerated. And yet we go on, there is something about traveling the land and being sparked by the wind on the leaves, or the shimmer of light as it streaks across the water as here in this painting from the Rockies. It is one thing to show the grandeur of the mountains, but for me looking in to those same mountains and finding a simpler grace. That is utopia.

En Plein Air Texas

San Angelo, Texas. The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts and the San Angelo & area communities will welcome 35 Competition Artists coming from 18 states to paint the town and surrounding countryside this October. Artists were selected by juror Roger Dale Brown out of a talented field of applicants from 27 states and Canada.

Moving On

Through adversity we paint, and in it sometimes comes our best comes forward. This is a painting from the “Chase County Plein Air Festival.” I had passed this scene at different times of day, and decided on an early morning try. Up well before the sun, I had to guess on where my bovine subjects were. Not so easy, I was asked to “move on” by a rancher, then the cows moved on, and in came a skunk, and I politely urged her to “move on”. But as plein air artists we do our best and go on from there.

The End of the Trail

Long time supporters of the arts, Johnny and Jeanie Morris of Bass Pro Shops, & Big Cedar Lodge have built a new 18,000 sq foot “Cedar Creek Spa” filled exclusively with plein air art created by artists Jason Sacran, John Lasater IV, and myself, R. Gregory Summers. We have been spending weeks at a time on site painting the properties of Big Cedar Lodge, Top of the Rock, and Dogwood Canyon. © 2015 Big Cedar Lodge - America´s Premier Wilderness Resort 612 Devil's Pool Road, Ridgedale, Missouri 65739


It's why I'm here...and you? Come in and take a look, 90% plein air works, the rest... you guessed it, studio pieces. Many still available, inquire within.

Always something

The life of an artist is a bit different than many, the life of a plein air artist is stranger still. A little looser, and you can't let things get to you.

the MVIS

The Missouri Valley Impressionist Society.Summers painting on location at Indian Cave State Park, with fellow MVIS founders Jeff Sparks and Rachel Mindrup. (not shown, Brent Seevers) Here some of the ideas on creating a group for representational artists, to help grow, and build impressionistic art in the upper Midwest were formed. (Loosely, mostly we painted )

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“I am inspired by creation. I am driven by the experience. 

“I paint the land that I claim to be a part of. It is not to replicate the scene before me, more to bring back a piece of what took me there in the first place.”

R. Gregory Summers



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 My intent is to keep his dreams alive, somehow, someway.


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