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And the winner is...

My "A Sailors Tale" is the most recent winner. A studio painting painted in 2014.

War of 1812

The bicentennial of the Battle of New Orleans took place near the original battlefield this Jan 8-11th. Reenactors from around the world took part in this historical event. I was fortunate enough to hook up with the Louisiana Living Historical Society to come paint these 5 battles live on location.

I have this little painting challenge going on for artists around the globe. Only rule is must be painted within 100 feet of your back door, and then the deadline of November 30th. It could be something you’ve already done or more fun if it’s new. Send it back to me here as an attachment with: name, title, size, medium, your location, and how far from your back door when you painted it.

Country Stare Down

My entry into the 15th Annual AIS National Juried Exhibition on display October 2 - November 1, 2014 Abend Gallery, Denver Colorado. A collection of the best modern impressionism America has to offer. For more information, visit


It's why I'm here...and you?

Always something

The life of an artist is a bit different than many, the life of a plein air artist is stranger still. A little looser, and you can't let things get to you.

Co-founder MVIS

Summers painting on location at Indian Cave State Park, with fellow MVIS founders Jeff Sparks and Rachel Mindrup. (not shown, Brent Seevers) Here some of the ideas on creating a group for representational artists, to help grow, and build impressionistic art in the upper Midwest were formed. (Loosely, mostly we painted )

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“I am inspired by creation. I am driven by the experience. 

“I paint the land that I claim to be a part of. It is not to replicate the scene before me, more to bring back a piece of what took me there in the first place.”

R. Gregory Summers



My Passion and Inspiration




Catch me doing something right

Gone  now, Rick still guides me along this path I’ve taken. He saw in me hope, and gave me the courage.


 My intent is to keep his dreams alive, somehow, someway.


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